Terms Of Service: End User Agreement


  • Site: The website, and all pages, content and other materials pertaining to it.
  • Company: All Star Moving & Storage.
  • Terms: This agreement and all provisions stated herein.
  • Materials: Logos, text, graphics, images, trademarks, copyrights, patents, data, audio and video clips, logos, buttons, software, service names, words or phrases, page headers, materials belonging to the Site.
  • You: The end user.


By utilizing the Materials on this site, you agree to the Terms, and are bound by the legal provisions which it states. You must agree to the Terms to access the site. The Terms form a legal contract between You and the Company.


All Materials accessible on the Site are the exclusive property of All Star Moving & Storage and are protected by U.S. and international copyright, trademark and other laws. The law provides that you may not use the site to: upload, post, transmit, email, transfer, electronically share, or distribute the Materials in any way that would constitute a copyright violation, trademark infringement, or violate the proprietary rights of this and/or any other party included in these Terms. Duplicating, modifying or distributing derivative works or compilations is also prohibited.

You cannot modify or alter copyright notices without the express permission of the Company. Your use of the Materials is restricted to the provisions outlined in the Terms. You have no rights to any of the Materials, other than those outlined in the Terms.

Although the Site may be accessed worldwide, You must abide by all laws applicable to the State of Texas pertaining to the use of the Site.

Limited Non-Exclusive License

Your rights to the Materials are as follows: You may download, print, view and bookmark the Materials on the All Star Moving & Storage website, providing that you only use this information for personal, non-commercial or transitory use. You are licensed to use the Site, however, this does not constitute a transfer of title. The following activities are restricted by your Limited Non-Exclusive License:

  • Copying or modifying the Materials.
  • Decompiling or reverse engineering the software on the Site.
  • Removing copyright or proprietary notices.
  • Transferring or “mirroring” the Materials on another server.
  • Advertising or using the Site for commercial purposes.

These terms may only be modified or waived with the express written permission of the Company. The Company has the right to terminate this license at any time.

Revisions to the Site

All Star Moving & Storage reserves the right to edit, delete, remove or revise the Materials on the Site. The Company may do so without making any notification to You. If the Terms are revised, You must agree to the updated Terms. Any other agreements or relationships with the Company are governed with respect to that specific agreement, provided the agreement does not encroach on these Terms.

Other Sources Of Information Supplied by Third Parties

The information supplied to the Company by third parties for use on the Site is accepted on good faith. The Company trusts that the information is accurate, however, it cannot guarantee the veracity of its sources. All Star Moving & Storage makes no warranty on the accuracy, reliability or likely results that this information represents. Any reliance on third-party information should be accepted at your own risk.

Unapproved Communication

The following types of communications are prohibited by the Terms of Service:

  • Sexually explicit statements.
  • Junk email, “spam”, surveys, “pyramid schemes,” unsolicited email.
  • Viruses, malware, or any program that could maliciously act with the Site or harm the property of the Company.
  • False, libelous, defamatory or misleading statements.
  • Obscene, scandalous or pornographic material that would violate any criminal statutes.

Security Restrictions

You may not use any system or device to automatically access the site other than those provided by All Star Moving & Storage. Robots, spiders or other means of automated access are prohibited. Collecting data on users of the Site is prohibited. You may not take any action that would inhibit the proper working of the Site or impose a disproportionately large load on the Company’s servers. You may not bypass any security or the authentication measures the Company has to protect the Site. You may not attempt to test for vulnerabilities in the security system without the Company’s written authorization.

Other Provisions

  • You may not create a link to the Site without obtaining the Company’s written permission.
  • You may not impersonate or misrepresent another entity or person, or forge email headers to conceal your identity from the Company.
  • You may not forge TCP/IP headers in any email or posting.

Scope of Agreement

All other agreements, statements, negotiations and undertakings with regard to the Company are subsumed under the Terms which You have agreed to. These Terms represent an entire agreement between You and All Star Moving & Storage.